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Definitive Kamailio for engineers

Kamailio training course description

Kamailio (formerly known as OpenSER) provides a scalable SIP server suitable for small through to carrier grade installations. This course will teach you how to install, configure and troubleshoot the Kamailio product.

Who will benefit?

  • Technical staff working with Kamailio.

Kamailio training course prerequisites


Kamailio training course contents

What is Kamailio?
What is SER? SER history, OpenSER, versions. Kamailio. Supported platforms, SIP review.
Hands on: Simple SIP telephony without a SIP server.

Installing Kamailio
Downloading Kamailio, Installation from source, package installation, CVS, default passwords
Hands on: Kamailio installation.

Controlling Kamailio
Starting, stopping and controlling Kamailio. Starting Kamailio automatically at boot time.
Hands on: Controlling the server

First configuration
Basic configuration.
Hands on: SIP telephony with Kamailio.

Logs, xlog, openserctl, syslog.
Hands on: Logging.

Kamailio architecture
Kamailio core, Kamailio modules, file locations, persistent data storage, database structure.
Hands on: Database integration.

Core configuration
Keywords, values, parameters, functions, routing blocks, constructs.
Hands on: Advanced Kamailio configuration.

Module configuration
Overview of modules available, AAA integration, least cost routing. Redirects
Hands on: Configuring modules.

DNS integration, peering, OSP, NAT traversal, SIP to GSM.
Hands on: peering.

Asterisk integration
Altering tables to work with Asterisk, Asterisk as a voicemail system. Design issues, High availability.
Hands on: Integrating Kamailio with Asterisk.